Estee + Lilly


Estee Lauder is high quality makeup – plain and simple. However, what is the purpose of having perfect makeup if the brand does not market to a wide variety of consumers? Estee Lauder is considered “classic” makeup, AKA makeup for ‘mature’ women. No female wants to be thought of as mature as far as age goes, am I right?

So, as the geniuses that the women at Estee are, they said “hey, Lilly, you get over here!” (Of course, in their ‘classic, motherly’ voice) That’s when it all began. For this term’s ‘free gift with purchase’ – Lilly nicely packaged Estee Lauder makeup in a few different signature prints, depending on which store you bought from. I received my free gift from Belk and the pink bag included lipstick, wrinkle reducing serum, night cream, mascara, and a pink and green plastic compact mirror. I applaud both companies for teaming up to expand their customer base by reaching out to age groups that were not previously considered.

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2 thoughts on “Estee + Lilly

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Those makeup bags are gorgeous and perfect for spring.

    – KW

  2. lorentidmore says:

    I definitely agree! I hate when I get free gifts with makeup purchases and the items are packaged in a terribly ugly bag!


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