Home Sweet Home

I have honestly never been a huge fan of Zara. I have only been to a brick and mortar store once and it was an awful experience. Nothing fit correctly. The sales associates were not friendly. The store was crowded with piles of clothes. Unorganized. Miserable. The list seems to get worse and worse as I continue to type. However – when I was reading reviews of the Zara Home Store that opened to the public about a week ago, it seemed like everyone was in love. I easily give in to peer pressure when it comes to shopping, so I decided to check it out. 

I LOVE IT. Everything is cheap and cute. It’s like an Anthropologie style store in a summary. It seems to me that a vast majority of the merchandise available is grey, black, white, gold, and silver. Those are coincidentally my favorite colors to look at and also purchase.

The price point seems to be around average. There are bedspreads from $99 to $399.


Zara – Sofi Bedspread and Pillow Cover – $399

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2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Zara isn’t quite as bad as Macy’s or Forever 21. But I definitely agree that shopping there isn’t always convenient. Great blog! Looking forward to reading more from you


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